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Various Artists: It

Certain General
Certain General: Live It Down

Phil Gammage
Phil Gammage: Kneel to the Rising Sun

The Scarlet Dukes
The Scarlet Dukes: Rogue Escapades

Certain General
Certain General: November

claudia cd
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September 2012

PreFab International Catalogue (January 2013)
Phil Gammage
"Tracks of Sound" CD PF106
"Motel Songs" CD SM203
"Kneel to the Rising Sun" CD PF108
"Sounds Twenty One" CD PF110
Voodoo Martini
"Exotic and Mysterious" CD PF101
(Currently unavailable.)
Certain General
"Live at the Public Theatre" CD PF102
"An Introduction to War" 2CD SM201

The Scarlet Dukes
"Rogue Escapades" CD PF103
"Live at Windows on the World" CDR PF104
The Corvairs
"Denver Sessions '79" CDR PF105
"Unsafe at Any Speed" CDR PF107
"The Chelsea Sessions" CD SM202
Various Artists
"It's a PreFab World" CD PF109
Includes songs from Certain General, Voodoo Martini, Claudia, Scarlet Dukes, and Phil Gammage. Most previously unreleased.
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PF103The Scarlet Dukes Rogue Escapades
Eleven jump/swing originals recorded and masterfully produced by Gordon Rafael (producer of the classic debut CD from The Strokes). This CD burns and bops baby...yowsa! Features "In Love Again" (used in the 2008 Walmart commercial) along with such favorites as "Uptown Downtown", and "Race With The Wind". You've heard many of these songs on television as soundtracks and in own the real deal. Buy now!

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$9.99 mp3 download
THE SCARLET DUKES: Rogue Escapades

The Scarlet Dukes - Rogue Escapades
PF102Certain General Live at the Public Theatre
From an April 2001 performance at Joseph Papp's Public Theatre in New York City. With original band members Parker Dulany and guitarist Gammage. This CD features a selection of songs from the band's 24 year career. Featuring guest artists Julee Cruise and Keith Streng (Fleshtones). The band's only authorized live release!

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$9.99 mp3 download
CERTAIN GENERAL: Live at the Public Theatre

Certain General - Live At the Public Theatre
2 CDs
Certain General An Introduction to War
Special 2-CD set
We admit to a certain bias, but will put forth and stand by the claim, that, for a brief period at least (1983-85), and probably a bit longer, Certain General were, simply put, the best independent rock band in the United States. And this 2 1/2 hour, all previously unreleased-document backs that up claim. It easily stands up to the best work of bands such as the Bad Seeds, Gun Club, Echo & the Bunnymen, Dream Syndicate and itself contains the seeds of what would become the vocabulary of much of the late 80's American underground scene—i.e. Flaming Lips, Camper Van Beethovan, Meat Puppets, Screaming Trees, Swell, et. al. Fans of any and all of those bands owe it to themselves to check this music out.

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$19.99 ea.
mp3 price $13.99
CERTAIN GENERAL: An Introduction To War
SM103Phil Gammage Motel Songs
Gammage himself has collected the best 20 tracks from a series of releases issued by French, Spanish, and American labels. For these sessions, Gammage surrounds himself with a veritable who's who of the downtown NYC rock scene with members of Certain General, Band of Outsiders, Richard Hell band, Richard Lloyd band, Lydia Lunch band, Feelies, Corvairs, Nails and others helping out on the various tracks. As Trouser Press said of Gammage's Night Train (5 tracks of which are reprised here) "(Gammage) puts personality into darkside Americana echoing Nick Cave's fascinations minus the melodrama. Which might well make him this generation's Hank Williams".

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$13.99 ea.
mp3 price $10.99
PF106Phil Gammage Tracks of Sound
Nine original instrumental songs composed by guitarist Gammage and collaborators plus one cover (a version of Teddy Edwards "L.A. After Dark" that drips noir)—this edgy jazz features some of the best young jazz talent currently on the downtown New York scene. Think crime jazz with latin and lounge elements.

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$9.99 mp3 download
PHIL GAMMAGE: Tracks of Sound

Phil Gammage - Tracks of Sound
PF108Phil Gammage Kneel to the Rising Sun
20th anniversary re-release with bonus tracks. Originally released in 1991 on France's legendary indie label New Rose, the record spotlights some of Gammage's best compositions and performances. The band's musicianship overall is stellar and features some of the best New York players from that era. Marc Jeffrey (Band of Outsiders, Playtime) contributes guitar and slide guitar, Vinny DeNunzio (Feelies, Richard Hell, Health and Happiness Show) plays percussion and harmonica, Dave Kaufman (The Nails) is on keyboards, D. Lee (Band of Outsiders) is on bass, and Phil's old band-mate from the Corvairs, Martin Blazy joins in to play percussion and drums.

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$12.99 mp3 download
Phil Gammage: Kneel to the Rising Sun
PF109Various Artists It's a PreFab World!
The label has assembled a stellar collection that highlights some of the best songs of the past few years from it's catalog. What sets this compilation apart from the competition though, is the wealth of rare and previously unreleased tracks that make the majority of its song list.

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$12.99 mp3 download at iTunes
Various Artists: It
PF110Phil Gammage Sounds Twenty One
An epic collection of twenty one rock, pop, and jazz instrumentals. Features some of American's top young musicians

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$9.99 mp3 download from China Sea Recording Concern album cover

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SM202Claudia claudia cd coverThe Chelsea Sessions
CD Single

The debut recording by the enigmatic NYC actress/model, these tracks surfaced after the results of a secret recording session were shared amongst a small circle of friends. While the identity of Claudia herself may be a bit of a mystery, the immediate appeal and grace of her singing is not. This single release consists of two cover versions: Lou Reed's "I'll Be Your Mirror" and the 1963 chart topper by Skeeter Davis "End of the World". If Austin Powers was throwing a party, he'd have a Claudia record on the stereo. Produced by Phil Gammage.

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$3.99 ea. (inc. shipping)
Limited Edition CDR
The Scarlet Dukes scarletdukes liveLive at Windows on the World
This historically significant recording (the first commercial CD release of a live recording from the late great Windows on the World at One World Trade Center in New York) was made on a hot August night in 2000. The digitally mastered stereo performance is captured live and honestly with no 'post production' overdubs. The result is a raw, swingin' and rockin' recording that will grab your soul and force you to move and boogie. The 'DUKES rip through 13 original songs—most previously unreleased and available only on this CD. Featured on several is noted Canadian jazz vocalist Natasha Helmer.

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$16.99 ea. (inc. shipping)
Limited Edition CDR
The Corvairs corvairs cd coverDenver Sessions '79
7 song CD of early Colorado New Wave studio recordings from one of the scene's pioneer bands. All previously unreleased material. Contains bonus cuts from Boulder's Joey Vain and Scissors.

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$11.99 ea. (inc. shipping)
Limited Edition CDR
The Corvairs Unsafe at Any Speed
The definitive Corvairs collection on one CD. 22-song compilation from one of the top garage rock bands of the 80s. Includes cuts from their debut 1984 Temple Fire EP, Sad Hotel 12" 45 Rio Blanco LP, Hitchhiker LP, and their legendary 1990 unreleased recordings.

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$16.99 ea. (inc. shipping)